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ON360: a 360° non-food solution


With Easy Stock Solution we already took a lot of work out of the hands of our customers. In the meantime, we have expanded this service into a total solution in the field of non-food: ON360. ON stands for Outsourced Non-food, and 360 refers to the 360° total solution that we offer.

“Newco is rightly known as the most professional partner for the non-food range within the petrol channel. With ON360, Newco will now add even more value and thus create for us an optimisation in the processes with a guarantee of improved results within this category.”

Lotte Schouwenaars & Ulrich Knieling, De Haan Minerale Oliën 

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4 elements that will lead to success

Create valuable growth together, that’s what we are all about. With ON360 we achieve this from 4 elements: 

Ø  Category management: based on data we ensure the most ideal range in the best possible presentation, translated into actual planograms.

Ø    Stock management: automated stock management with Easy Stock Solution, always full shelves and always the right range at the right time. 

Ø  Performance management: Numbers tell the story; by using both (qualitative) compliance checks and (quantitative) performance dashboards we are continuously monitoring if your shelves really are perfect. If necessary we present a plan for improvement.

Ø  Shelf management*: We are looking at how we can further improve the presentation of your products. Part of this is the use of promotions, supported by POS materials.

These 4 elements together form ON360 and guarantee the perfect shelf with more ease of doing business and more profitability. The results of the first users of Easy Stock Solution and ON360 are verifiable better than results of customers without these solutions. If you choose for ON360, we will guarantee an improvement of the profitability of your non-food range!

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