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Newco presents: AllRide Connect 2.0

The demand for chargers, earphones and powerbanks in forecourts is growing rapidly. When car or truck drivers have forgotten their phone charger or their earphones break, they need a replacement as soon as possible.

AllRide Connect is Newco’s exclusive connectivity range developed for the forecourt and convenience market. A complete range that consists of various accessories for smartphones and tablets. We started in 2014 and since then over 1500 outlets have successfully installed the AllRide Connect concept. The smartphone & tablet market is rapidly changing and new models are replacing the old ones continuously. Therefore, we have constantly monitored the range and made adaptations to fit it to current standards and updated it to meet the latest innovations.

AC 2.0: Improved range and new packaging

4 years after introducing AllRide Connect, It is now time for a complete upgrade & restyle of the range. Not only did the range undergo a complete makeover, also the products themselves have been modified and upgraded where needed. We believe that the innovation will maximise in store impact and will keep customers interested.

In order to come up with an improved range, we took several focus areas into account:

  • Product safety and compliance – All products comply with legal requirements (RoHS) and Apple accessories are MFI certified. Safety and reliability is therefore  guaranteed 
  • Competitive – Premium brand quality and packaging with better pricing than premium brand competitors – A complete range following the latest trends 
  • Clean & clear – Improved and compact packaging with attractive design providing clear information for better presentation and the ability to show more products per shelf 
  • Sales support – Shelf communication with well-prepared information for shop employees. Up and cross selling opportunities. POS materials available to assist and increase sales.

Although we have focussed extensively on improved packaging of the range, we paid even more attention to quality improvement and innovation. Piece by piece we checked every item of the AllRide Connect range and made improvements where needed. For example, some of the charger cables are now manufactured from strong, sustainable nylon. Moreover, we followed the latest trends like wireless and fast charging.

Wireless & fast charging

It’s well known that nowadays it’s all about  speed and convenience. Obviously these were the leading factors while developing the new AllRide Connect range.The range consist of several wireless products: car phone holder, earphone, speaker and handsfree headset. Many of these use Bluetooth connectivity. The car phone holder works a bit differently; it uses a new technology for wireless charging. Devices are charged by placing them on or near the charger unit. This way of charging offers several benefits:

  • Convenience: no need to look for your charger cable. Simply placing your compatible phone in the charging unit is all it takes
  • Sustainablitity: due to frequently connecting the charger cable, the connector of the phone is a very vulnerable area that often breaks. There is also the risk of corrosion if the charging cable has become damp when being connected.

In addition, the new Connect range also offers a fast charger: the turbo USB car charger. This car charger uses the Quick Charge 3.0 technology, which makes it possible to charge devices safely and 4 times faster than regular chargers. The fast charging car charger is suitable for both phones and tablets of all brands.

Safety first

The RoHS directive (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) is an EU directive that contains requirements designed to reduce the number of hazardous substances in electronic devices, with the goal of protecting public health and the environment. It pertains to 6 substances, including various heavy metals and flame retardants. These substances are regularly encountered in electronic devices such as telephone and tablet accessories.

A product will only receive the CE mark if it meets all legal requirements, including the RoHS directive. Newco Europe highly values the importance of legal regulations, especially this directive. That is why we are putting a great deal of time into conducting various inspections before, during, and after production. This means that, in practice, we are taking measurements on location during the production process, but also when the goods are about to be delivered. Tests take place in our own, certified laboratory, which operates according to independent guidelines.

The new AllRide Connect line fully satisfies the RoHS directive. Not only do we test our own products, we also look at the products of other suppliers under a microscope. We include the results of this testing in our non-food recommendations, so that we can be of better service to you. All this is done to let you, our customer, excel in non-food!