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New: AllRide winter screenwash -15°C 

Service station owners with a shop often encounter obstacles when it comes to the storage and sale of winter screen washes -20°C. This is due to the high concentrations of hazardous substances that are subject to legal restrictions. With the introduction of the new AllRide winter screen wash -15°C we solve this problem for you. This screenwash has been developed with a new formula. And this has great benefits!

With the -20°C screenwash there are 2 limiting elements involved: the  storage and transport of hazardous substances. The PGS contains the guidelines for the storage of hazardous substances. ADR is a European convention on the international transportation of dangerous goods by road. Because -15°C screenwash contains less ethanol, the product is not restricted by these legal provisions. For example, this eliminates the need to invest in drip trays and outdoor bunkers. With the new screenwash -15°C, whole pallets of the product can be positioned for mass sales. This is not allowed with the -20°C variant. It is also convenient when a pallet does not necessarily need to be stacked.

The advantage for you is therefore mainly in the legislation. The product does not have a hazardous substance label and may be traded as a non-hazardous product for storage and transportation. This makes storage and mass sales in the shop much easier.

There is another advantage. Despite the fact that the frost protection is slightly lower (-15°C instead of  -20°C) the product works better. In the UK it rarely gets colder than -15°C. Refreezing causes problems much more often. You can notice that when you drive away after you have scraped the ice off the windshield; it immediately freezes again.  The new -15°C screenwash contains much more MEG and MPG: substances that prevent refreezing very effectively. As a result, the effect of -15°C screenwash as a whole is better than that of the -20°C variant. 

Your gas station visitors will therefore be offered a high quality article that will help them through the winter without any problems.

The new AllRide winter screen wash -15°C is now available in 2 litres and 5 litres!

Newco presents: AllRide Connect 2.0!

AllRide Connect is Newco’s exclusive connectivity range consisting of various smartphone and tablet accessories. 3 years after introducing AllRide Connect, it is time for a complete upgrade & restyle of the range. The packaging and products will undergo a complete makeover. 

• Product safety and compliance – All products comply with legal requirements (RoHS) and Apple accessories are MFI certified. Safety and reliability is thereby guaranteed

• Competitive – Premium brand quality and packaging with better pricing than premium brand competitors

• Clean & clear – Improved and compact packaging with attactive design providing clear information; for a better presentation and the possibility to show more products per shelf

• Sales support – Shelf communication with well prepared information for shop employees. Several up & cross selling opportunities. POS materials available to assist and increase sales

The new connectivity range is available. Visit our webshop for the complete range!

RoHS & AllRide Connect

The RoHS directive (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) is an EU directive that contains requirements designed to reduce the number of hazardous substances in electronic devices, with the goal of protecting public health and the environment. It pertains to 6 substances, including various heavy metals and flame retardants. These substances are regularly encountered in electronic devices such as telephone and tablet accessories.

A product will only receive the CE mark if it meets all legal requirements, including the RoHS directive. Newco Europe highly values the importance of legal regulations, especially this directive. That is why we are putting a great deal of time into conducting various inspections before, during, and after production. This means that, in practice, we are taking measurements on location during the production process, but also when the goods are about to be delivered. Tests take place in our own, certified laboratory, which operate according to independent guidelines.

The new AllRide Connect line fully satisfies the RoHS directive. Not only do we test our own products, we also look at the products of other suppliers under a microscope. We include the results of this testing in our non-food recommendations, so that we can be of better service to you.

Would you like to learn more? Follow the below link.

Wikipedia - RoHS