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Our unique approach

How Newco makes you even better

Our mission is to increase your non-food revenue through category management, which we use to create the best possible range of products. Our data analysts department constantly monitors and analyses our sales from over 2,500 forecourts. This allows us to share best practice with you, our customers. By collecting, analysing and combining this data, we obtain clear insights: what product is fast-moving? Which product is a real best-seller in winter? Which category should always be part of the range in a motorway site? Do sunglasses sell better when they are being presented in a display stand or as part of a wall display? Data analysis enables us to answer these and many other questions. We strongly believe in the principle stating ‘the numbers tell the story’. Our mission is to increase your non-food revenue.

Step by step towards an excellent shop advice

We believe that a successful relationship starts with good advice. After a thorough store and demographic check, we create a specific proposal for your store's non-food category. We fully support every single shop with a full right of return policy. If you accept our recommendations and follow our plan exactly, we will work with you to constantly review, and if necessary, take back the non-sold products. We take the risk, never our customers. This shows our strong belief in our approach and commitment to you. We are dedicated to using our knowledge of the non-food category to help grow your sales and support your business.
We are happy to provide some detailed explanation on the step-by-step plan we offer our customers. Move your mouse over the image below and learn more about our unique approach.