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Winter Ready 2020

Get your shop ready for winter!

What to do to make your shop ready for winter? It’s getting colder and you might receive questions from your customers: what does my car really need to survive the winter season? Below you’ll find 5 tips to get the most out of the winter with your forecourt shop! With these winter must-haves you’ll complete your winter shop range and grow your sales! We also included a convenient Order Template and our Winter Brochure on this page. Are you ready for winter?



During the winter season, visibility is reduced due to road salt, splashing water and frost, causing drivers to consume more screenwash. An empty tank is not only dangerous, it can even result in a fine if the windows are not clean and free of ice. Screenwash is therefore the most important winter product for forecourts. In addition to the -15°C variant – for periods of more severe winter - there is also a -5°C all season variant available. Both are PGS and ADR free. Because of this, this product has no volume limitation during transport and can safely be presented in bulk in the forecourt shop.

2. Ice scraper

Ice scrapers are indispensable during the winter. Every motorist will want to have at least 1 in his car, but where did last year's one go? So make sure you have a wide range of ice scrapers, from budget variants to the more luxurious items with gloves.

3. De-icer

Early in the morning and when there is little time, many car owners will choose to quickly de-ice their windows with a window de-icer. This allows them to easily and quickly get on the road (again). Therefor de-icer is also a fixed value in a solid winter assortment.

4. Antifreeze

Antifreeze keeps your cooling systems free of frost. The Allride antifreeze comes in a bottle with a capacity of 1 liter. Antifreeze is suitable for all cooling systems and protects against overheating, corrosion, limescale and frost. Also suitable for engines with aluminium parts.

5. For extra service

When you really want to be complete with your winter offer, you can also think of booster cables, anti-freeze covers, demister cloths, squeegees, lock de-icer, rubber stick and much more.

Winter Order Template

Have you seen the Winter Order Template yet? With this template you can easily and quickly order the most important winter products for your shop. Scroll, select and order.

Visit the Winter Order Template


Winter brochure

Have you already viewed our winter brochure? It is packed with great offers to get your shop ready for winter quickly. Have you seen a nice promotion? Simply click on the product and you will go directly to the correct page on our webshop.

A selection Winter-ready items

A selection from our extensive range of Winter-ready items