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Easy Stock Solution

Easy Stock Solution 

Always the right range at the right time!

Taking care of our customers non-food worries is very important to us. Therefore we have developed an in-house solution: Easy Stock Solution, based on Vendor Managed Inventory: We take stock management off your hands and ensure there is always sufficient stock at the right time!

Easy Stock Solution: more profitability with more ease of doing business

Non-food takes a fairly small share in the total shop range. However, products like car accessories, air fresheners and sun glasses do provide a good margin. But making more money with non-food is only possible when shelves are well-stocked with the right products at an accurate stock level. Easy Stock Solution makes it happen with less efforts of our customers.

How does it work?

We use Slim4, a stock tool developed by our partner SlimStock specialist in stock optimisation. It starts with an interface between your back office system and our Slim4 tool. Now we are able to follow the sales transactions. This way we know exactly what your current stock is and how to replenish to meet the expected demand.

Simultaneously Slim4 uses the sales data to determine sales patterns. These sales patterns can be connected to forecast models to identify increasing and decreasing trends in sales, and respond to them. In special situations manual intervention takes place by our stock&demand specialists (e.g. events, seasonalities, weather forecasts, road blocks etc.). We make sure that replenishment arrives on time.

Communication will run via the Easy Stock Solution app. An app that provides you insight in your shop range, in expected deliveries and the possibility to confirm received orders.

Watch the animation video for more explanation. 

“Despite of the small share of non-food in the shop. We know that the category provides  a good margin. We certainly do not want to miss out on that. But at the same time food does have a big share in the shop and therefore needs a lot of focus. To us the convenience part, knowing that non-food is taken care of in the most excellent way, THE big plus of Easy Stock Solution.”

Gerbert Vissers, CEO Vissers Energy Group (NL)

Watch the video to learn more about the experiences of Vissers Energy Group.

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