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Terms and conditions return process
Newco will only accept a request for returned items for one of the following reasons:

  • Breakage at delivery (article arrives damaged)
  • Over delivery (delivery of more products than mentioned on the packing slip)
  • Ordering Error (ordered too much, wrong article etc.)
  • Agreed Planogram Updates
  • Warranty (where applicable)

To ensure a quick and correct handling of your returns, please note the following:

  • Please ensure all fields are fully completed
  • Products that do not include the Product Code Number and/or EAN Number can be returned but will not be credited
  • Products that are missing a 'Reason for Return' will be taken back, but will not be credited
  • All return requests will be vailidated before authorisation
  • If the return request is authorised, Newco will instruct the account manager to collect the return order
  • Once returned goods have been received at Newco warehouse these will be checked before raising the credit note

General comments:

  • Returned goods need to be clean and free from price tags etc. Any products in where this is not the case will not be credited
  • Returned goods that were not originally supplied by Newco will not be credited and will be disposed of
  • Newco has the right to refuse a return request at all times